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Film & TV on DVD - John Doe Film News & Reviews

Greetings Film Fiends and welcome to John Doe's Film Blog. 30 years of dedicated celluloid obsession has meant that I have seen a few films. Drawing attention to some of the lesser discussed gems that I love. Cult classics, obscure curios and quality genre pictures. This blogs purpose is to translate some of my passion for these films and with luck, inspire you the reader to go check em out.


John Doe Needs Your Help: UnderGround Inc. - Trailer Included

underground inc, film banner, rock doco, music documentary, documentary film, rock, hard rock, heavy rock, alt rock, indie rock, helmet

Johnny hasn't been around OrbleTown as much as he used too and for good reason, he's been working on the bigger picture. The compulsive vision of creating moving images that he can project onto a cinema screen has taken precedent.

Now, after months of moonlit research and obsessive tweaking JD is proud to report that his latest film, Underground Inc. has finally gone live for pledges on the crowd funding Kickstarter... and now it's up to you if it goes into production.

Here's Mr Doe's synopsis of Underground Inc from the Kickstarter page:

"UNDERGROUND Incorporated" is destined to be the ultimate look at the alternative music scene in the 90's and a must see for serious music lovers. Told by the artists who pioneered a sonic subculture, this feature-length documentary spotlights the aftermath and casualties of the 90's alt-rock corporate takeover, while highlighting the bands from this scene that the world missed out on."

Underground Inc, film poster, music documentary, helmet, peter menge, rock, alt rock, indie rock, music labels
UnderGround Inc. Official Poster

For JohnD this has already been an unpredictable and exhilarating gig. Some bucks have been kicked, friends and strangers are spreading the word and solid donations have started funneling in.

Beyond being the prime component to getting this film made, any contribution you make over $10 will garner rewards. Tasty treats ranging from collectibles and memorabilia, everything from posters and rare vinyl to appearances in the film itself and screen credits.

So please take a moment to visit my page by clicking HERE. Think about kicking in a few bucks and share Underground Inc. with friends who may be interested...Thanks for reading in the past, present and future.

For more information please visit and

Watch the Teaser Trailer for Underground Inc.
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Skyfall (2012) - Trailer Included

From Yesteryear With Love

skyfall, james bond, daniel craig, 007, action, espionage, sam mendes, film poster, wallpaper
Skyfall Wallpaper

Director: Sam Mendes
Starring: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes Albert Finney, Ben Whishaw, Bérénice Marlohe, Naomie Harris

DVD Release: February 12, 2013

james bond, 007, skyfall, javier bardm, daniel craig, sam mendes, wallpaper, film poster
Skyfall Wallpaper 2

"Sometimes the old ways are the best". - Kincade

Continuing to authenticate Ian Fleming's pulp spy blueprint while respecting cinematic legacy, Skyfall completes 007's origin story reassignment that began with Casino Royale

james bond, 007, aston martin, daniel craig, skyfall
James and his Aston.
Building on the prestige and sophistication of the series' rich 50 year history, Director Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Jarhead) sustains the tension, thrills and drama of this action juggernaut with a disciplined approach. In the process becoming the most successful EON produced adventure in the series and saving MGM studios, one of the only remaining old Hollywood majors.

james bond, 007, daniel craig, roger deakins, sam mendes, action film, spy, secret agent
Lurking in the shadow play.
Packing a rumored 200 million dollar budget, the trademarks from twenty-two films are reloaded for darker consequences and deeper personal jeopardy. Tropes the creators obviously avoided as too "campy" or "outlandish" in the previous two outings are now assimilated with grounded intent. The familiar devices of exotic secret lairs, endangered predators, double entendre's, gadgetry and more converge with the narrative.

Roger Deakin's fluid cinematography, Chris Lowe's bold Art Direction and the vibrant lighting crew achieve a level of visual artistry seldom seen outside of the art house. Adele's title theme hearkens Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones while Thomas Newman richly orchestrates with nuances of the past. On edge stunts widen the iris and an archenemy that defines malevolence gives fans layered license to kill thrills.

"Less of a random killing machine, more of a personal statement." - Q

skyfall, james bond, daniel craig, sam mendes, 007, ian fleming
Bond afloat.
In the opening frames our conflicted bloodhound emerges from the shadows. A tone of immediacy is chambered. The high stakes pre-credit sequence features budget eating destruction. Fate tempting stunts and a trajectory changing gunshot that exceed tradition.

In this installment Bond is a broken predator, a wounded warrior struggling with identity. The toxicity of a government sanctioned assassin whose vocation isolates as conscience and humanity are constantly suppressed.

Far from recovered the "blunt instrument" is tasked with recovering a stolen hard drive that contains the identities of all active undercover MI6 agents. Determined, his investigation exposes the nefarious Silva, (Javier Bardem) a scorned soldier planning calculated revenge.

"Look at you. Barely held together by your pills, your drink..." - Silva

skyfall, silvia, javier bardem, bond villian, daniel craig
Hunted and Hunter meet.
Making it personal, by the back-to-basics with a twist, minimalist siege finale "the last rat standing" has been stripped of his armour to ensure the essential grandiose beats resonate beyond vicarious observation.

The techno plotted screenplay by 13 year Bond veterans Neal Purvis, Robert Wade (World is not Enough to Quantum of Solace) and John Logan (Gladiator, Rango, Noah) retains a mature, deadlier tone that measures nostalgia and sly referential humor.Legitimized 2012 realism that isn't afraid to dwell in the ugly covert duplicity at the core of espionage professionals maintains the gritty integrity and complexity.

"What did you expect, an exploding pen?" - Q

skyfall, roger deakins, shanghai, action, daniel craig
Neon dreams in the mainstream.
One of the best shot action films you are ever likely to see. The lighting illuminates and casts shadows, colors dance, a saturated silhouette against neon blue captures desperate combat that's nothing short of mesmerizing. The shanghai skyscraper sequence, the closest we will ever get to a Ridley Scott jaunt.

Mendes instructions to Deakin's were simple: 'let's shoot it like a Western.' Like a Peckinpah movie or a John Ford movie. Let action play in the frame." In an interview with Collider Sam Mendes revealed the template for his approach to look and feel:

Saluting the recognizable Monty Norman/John Barry signatures Thomas Newman's (Pixar regular, The Lost Boys) pulsing compositions cherry pick highlights of his successors work and remixes against contemporary scoring. The soundtrack layering further nods to the inspirations of what came before. A welcome visit from an old friend garnering applause is only boosted by the musical cue.

The cast all impress with Daniel Craig's (Layer Cake) rugged interpretation further refining like McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair. The actor's arc here goes into territory beyond even where On Her Majesties Secret Service took 007. Into the dark territory of Ian Fleming's original novel The Man With The Golden Gun. (In the beginning of that book Bond has been captured, tortured and programmed Manchurian Candidate style to execute M. He nearly succeeds. To test his loyalty and skill MI5 decides to let 007 hunt the deadly hitman known as Scaramanga.)

skyfall, javier bardem, silvia, villians, bad guys, bond villians
Silvia echoes Hannibal
Matching the charisma and menace as the cold methodical Silva, Javier Bardem gives a portrayal of homicidal rampage to match No Country for Old Men and Perdita Durango. His feline movements and timely delivery chill with icy consequences to rival the Blofeld's and Scaramanga's of days gone by.

skyfall, james bond, Naomie harris, eve, moneypenny
Eve strolls around the Casino
Ralph Fiennes (Gareth Mallory), Ben Whishaw (Q) and Naomie Harris (Eve) take instant possession of their deceptive parts. Becoming welcome members of an elite family.

Albert Finney (In a role originally slated for Sean Connery) as guardian of the Estate is no grounds keeper Willy. A true pleasure to see onscreen his sincere portrayal lifts what are already well written scenes.

Continuing to develop, Judi Dench's M (Goldeneye to present) also goes through crisis' that give the actress revealing character revelations.

Refreshing an icon, replacing the myth with verisimilitude, for this lifetime fan the film is escapist cinema at its smartest and most spectacular. John Doe's #1 of 2012 ranking for Skyfall seemed a surprising choice to regular readers. he hopes this clarified the attraction.

James Bond will return in.......

Interviews with the Skyfall cast and crew
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JDMs Favourite Films of 2012

John Doe's Top 23 of 2012

safety not guaranteed, aubrey plaze, mark duplass, time travel, sci fi, comedy, hipster
Safety Not Guaranteed Poster

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The ABC's of Death: John Doe's Trailer of the Moment

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Killer Joe (2011) - A Vignette Review

Finger Lickin' Western Noir Goodness

Killer Joe, Western Noir, matthew McCougnahey, Gina Gershon, William Friedkin, emile Hirsch, Crime, thriller
Killer Joe Poster

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Bringing Out The Dead (1999) - Vignette Review

Bringing Out The Dead

Announcement: A new section for JDMFilmreviews called Vignette reviews.
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The Canyons (2012) - John Doe's Trailer of the Moment

Run, Don't Walk to Witness the Sin That Goes All The Way Up.

Canyons, poster, novel, bret eaton ellis, paul schrader, lindsay lohan, trash cinema, sleaze films, grindhouse, taxi driver
The Canyons: Coming Soon

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Looper (2012) - Trailer Included

Short Hand Time Cycles.

Foreign Looper Poster, action film, looper, time travel, bruce willis, joseph gordon levitt, emily blunt, rian johnson
Foreign Looper Poster

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Listen to the Looper Audio Commentary

Review For Looper Coming Soon

looper, time travel, bruce willis, sci fi
Animated Looper poster

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Cloud Atlas Trailer - When Bad Actors destroy Beautiful Films

Cloud Atlas: Casting Criminal

cloud atlas, tom hanks, wachowski brothers, tom twyker, film, coming soon
Coming Soon

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