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Film & TV on DVD - John Doe Film News & Reviews

Greetings Film Fiends and welcome to John Doe's Film Blog. 30 years of dedicated celluloid obsession has meant that I have seen a few films. Drawing attention to some of the lesser discussed gems that I love. Cult classics, obscure curios and quality genre pictures. This blogs purpose is to translate some of my passion for these films and with luck, inspire you the reader to go check em out.

John Doe Universally wrangling Killer sharks, dinosaurs and robots

The John Doe travelogues: Part 3

Universal Studios enterance

“Say goodbye to Hollywood, say goodbye my baby” - It’s the last day in LA for John Doe and his entourage (Gingersnap, “B” and Nina - the wife to be) and instead of slowing down its time to fulfil another life long goal. The exciting anticipation is reaching a crescendo level that JD is finding hard to hold back, for today he is attacked by Jaws, quantum leaps back in time to Jurassic Park and witnesses the missing 3-D chapter of in the Terminator saga.

Filmcrew fountain Universal Studios
JD frames the shot

We are off to Universal Studios, the theme park studio that encourages the public to pay them a visit for a price. Where black and white lenses filmed the classic monster movies, later wide angle technology captured some exterior shots in Spartacus and the far less eerie Bates Motel still has Psycho Norman peaking through blinds at the passing trolley.

Bates Motel
Norman spies with his little eye...mother!

Making a spectacle of ourselves at the arched front gates then the first stop was that famous guided trolley tour that parts the red sea and shows you the outside of a lot of live sets hidden inside matching warehouse buildings.

Universal Studios backlot
Backlot Universal, where classics were built

It’s a hot, clear skied California day and when Bruce pays us innocent doe eyed tourists a visit and splashes the vehicle with his tail fin, it refreshes and delights just like Johnny always hoped it would. (The shark looked a little worse for wear though)

Jaws Universal Studios
Bruce frolicks with the crowd

Fortunately the cruisey journey comes with batteries included in the form of fire, exploding blanks and even a low level flood amongst other behind the scenes sneak peaks into the world of special FX.

King Kong Universal Studios
Kong soaks up some rays

Disembarking, we proceed to scoff down a burger at a Mel’s Diner, soon John D and B are hastily on collision course with the Mummy Ride. As we hop in the carriage not expecting much we begin to roll through three chambers of dull treasure and mirth. Suddenly without warning we are jolted up to a high speed and in pitch black careen violently left and right up, up, up and down, down, down screeching to a stop just inches from what looks like a brick walls. As cockroaches crawl down the structure a wind machine around our ankles blows a piece of fishing line to simulate the creepy crawlies. Somebody screams, then you do the whole thing in reverse, short and sweet but nothing special.

Universal Studios finger
Johnny doesn't like everything he sees

The Jurassic Park river ride again provided relief from the scorching solar rays, attested by half the people getting on in raincoats. As you knock and bump you way down a precisely calibrated tidal system that transports you through the downtown jungle of T-Rexville.

Jurassic park Universal Studios
Jurassic Spielberg

Through the shrubs trees and numerous shades of man made green a Velociraptor leaps out of hiding to spit all over us then a giant herbivore munches away round the next corner. Ofcourse it all goes south shortly after and soon jeeps are plummeting from the sky and the mammoth teeth of the tyrannosaurus rex attempt to amputate limbs. Escape comes as we hurtle down a waterfall and physic guarantees one more genuine soaking to quench the dryness.

Blues Mobile Universal Studios
Its got cop tyres, cop suspension and cop brakes...JD and the Blues mobile

Traipsing over to the other side of the park it was time for JD and co to reunite for a screening of T2 3D: Battle across Time. Written and Directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold, Linda, Eddy and Mulders replacement. Within a warehouse we are greeted by a bubbly representative from the innovative cyberdine corporation. Privvy to a promotional video for the company designed to brainwash and sell there product, thankfully the signal is interrupted by Sarah and John Connor who warn us of imminent doom.

Rushed into the Miles Bennett Dyson Auditorium, armed with 3D glasses we sit down in our gadget laden seats. Mixing live on stage performances with integrated CG FX that have the viewer ducking and weaving, the smell of gunpowder and burnt rubber linger in the air as the Harley peels out and the Terminator fires shotgun blanks. This was the highlight of the day for this pack of sci fi nerds who were sweating so much they mirrored the liquid metal T-1000.

Here is the footage from the T2 3D experience, losing alot in translation and out of context.

Sure the park has been around forever and some of the attractions date back to the 70’s but for John Doe the images drawn in his mind as a child glossed over the experience for maximum satisfaction.

Ferrari and Delorean Universal Studios
Magnum P.I's Ferrari and the back to the Future Delorean...shame the ride closed a week before arrival.

Soon JD is aboard a Vegas bound midnight plane the adventure takes a turn towards self destruction…

Jaws at Universal Studios
JD meets Bruce's Teeth

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18 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]
1. October 2nd 2007 @ 01:47. Lilla Says:
Hey John D,

*laughs* ..the Blues mobile is priceless ..

Lilla ...
2. October 2nd 2007 @ 03:01. JohnDoe Says:
Hi lilla,

All the autos were sweet but Jake and Elwoods ride held teh ultimate appeal too...keep smiling
3. October 2nd 2007 @ 04:17. James Rickard Says:
*S* Glad you're having a good time. I did the Universal tour in Orlando, Florida a couple years ago. Some of the attractions looked like your pictures but we certainly never had the Universal lot! I'm sure that was interesting!
4. October 2nd 2007 @ 06:19. jon Says:
Love the cars.. They were just sitting out in the sun? or are they not real ones..
5. October 2nd 2007 @ 10:59. Mr Nice Guy Says:

A keen student of the travelogue's.

Selfish reasoning though - as the MNG entourage is headed over in April.

Leave the stretch Hummer running from me

Cheers champion

6. October 2nd 2007 @ 11:07. Ash Says:
That Terminator show would have been COOL!

Loved the Magnum and Back to The Future cars too - loved those when I was a kid.
7. October 2nd 2007 @ 11:20. Michaelie Says:
Did you not feel overwhelmed by it all?

It's so lovely and sunny over there! I got hailed on the other day. Immensely jealous.

But you are back now, yes?

8. October 2nd 2007 @ 22:05. Cibbuano Says:
Great photos man...

problems with Erin Brokovitch? Ha hA ha!

9. October 2nd 2007 @ 22:28. JohnDoe Says:
Hi James,
I was curious about the Florida assured the primary attraction in LA is still the rides and shows. The backlot may still be active but all the sets are closed to the public anyway. (Unless you are on the VIP tour)...still a great time seeing the sets where they filmed Spartacus, horse operas and monster flicks.
10. October 2nd 2007 @ 22:34. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Jon,

They were the real ones, just sitting there corroding away in the weather...sad really.

Sadder still is that the only way I can comment on my own blog is to go into "my orble" and click through to where it gives you an option to post a comment, taking ages for each one. Any suggestions?
11. October 2nd 2007 @ 22:37. JohnDoe Says:

Are you going to do the LA shuffle in April?

The stretch Hummer still has the keys in it and a full tank of gas, say John Doe sent you and a posse will crawl out of the cracks in the sidewalk.

12. October 2nd 2007 @ 22:42. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Ash,
The T2 3D show was loud and action packed..the quality of the extra dimension was near faultless. The cars were an added treat, there were also ones from the Fast and the Furious and a few others but they did nothing for me.

You should check it out one day.

13. October 2nd 2007 @ 22:46. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Michaelie,

I was overwhelmed from the moment I landed in La la land all teh way through to takig off for Vegas...A film geeks nirvana, all the classic sights seen so many times on screen suddenly realised....universal studios was no exception, the weather was perfect everyday.

Arrived back on the weekend and finally getting back into the semblance of a normal sleep pattern, though everything seems slow and boring after such a great trip.
14. October 2nd 2007 @ 22:52. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Cib,

Erin Brokovitch the person is fine, but that horrible suction cup lipped ham destroys everything she appears in..thankfully mostly crap I wouldn't watch anyway. (She's is like a female tom cruise, over acting and waving her limbs around like she was on broadway) - I had to bite

15. October 3rd 2007 @ 23:29. Lara M Says:
Welcome back to reality, JD

I love Universal Studios - yes, I think the LA one is better too...

(The shark looked a little worse for wear though)

<LOL> I thought that too! The one in Florida is the same as well...
16. October 4th 2007 @ 07:11. Nina Says:
It sounds like you had a great time! And I couldn't agree with you more about Julia Roberts...
17. October 7th 2007 @ 13:21. yoda76 Says:
Such a tourist! Love it!
18. October 1st 2011 @ 19:47. JohnDoe Says:
Heading back at Christmas and can't wait,

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