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Film & TV on DVD - John Doe Film News & Reviews

Greetings Film Fiends and welcome to John Doe's Film Blog. 30 years of dedicated celluloid obsession has meant that I have seen a few films. Drawing attention to some of the lesser discussed gems that I love. Cult classics, obscure curios and quality genre pictures. This blogs purpose is to translate some of my passion for these films and with luck, inspire you the reader to go check em out.

John Does Star Trek Wedding

Star Trek the Rituals, Ceremonies and Celebration

John Doe Captain Kirk
Yes I know your all laughing! JD does his best captain Kirk.

After much contemplation over how much of JD’s personal life should end up online the decision has been made to share a few images and words about the day he got wed to the love of his life. After all Star Trek is part of film, TV and DVD history. (Yes, John Doe is that big of a geek but it was the wife's idea)

Red eyed, drowsy and violently hung over John Doe woke up after a hectic and intoxicated Vegas bucks night to begin the journey to wedded bliss in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Checking into the Hilton Hotel was made all the more painful when a Mariachi band decided to start playing in the lobby. (Normally Marichi is hunky dory) Every note invading his skull, a bad mood turned near psychotic as thoughts of beating up the wedding party dominated his imagination. (John had been sharing a room with most of them for the week, but that’s another story…)

Fortunately the room was fantastic with a king size bed, after all by this time it was only 3 pm and the ceremony is scheduled for 6 o Clock. Collapsing on the huge mattress Johnny managed to get enough rest to revitalise himself for the events to come.

A couple of hours later it was time for Doe to become groom and as he slid into his captain Kirk era costume a strange feeling of bliss was triggered. Waiting for Mrs Doe to be, who had opted for the Next Generation uniform he was nervous, anxious and a little light headed but looking in the mirror he couldn’t help but smirk.

Excitement brewed with every step towards Star Trek the Experience located just down stairs. After meeting our female Star Fleet Admiral who would perform the rites it was time to proceed to the bridge of the Galaxy class Starship Enterprise.

Star Trek the Experience
the Enterprise greets you at the entry to Star Trek Teh Experience

Strolling down the corridors, reluctantly passing the Trek Museum where Klingon, Borg and Ferengi displays were housed the wedding party came upon a group of Star Fleet officers standing at attention in a military fashion. This was it!

Overwhelmed with wonder as the doors slid open to reveal the prized control centre of the ship, the attention to detail and eerie feeling we had all been here before after viewing so many episodes forced John Doe to giggle.

Exactly how the Bride and groom had pictured in their minds eye. Upon entering they were greeted by an incredibly authentic Klingon, that it turned out possessed a wicked sense of humour while never breaking out of character.

Star Trek Klingon
The Resident Klingon in attendance

All becomes a blur here. The emotion and glee of where the couple were and what they were doing became clear like a proton blast to the holo-deck. They were doing it their way and making fantasy reality the rest of their lives.

Best buddies Gingersnap, B and John the first were all in attendance. Everyone in the room fed off the energy making this a joyous celebration.

Star Trek Wedding
The Crew

After plenty of photo-ops exploited and continued laughter everyone headed on down to Quark’s bar for the reception. Sitting down but floating on air, the dream like quality of the moment maybe enhanced by the bodies need to drink a hangover into submission.

Immediately Gingersnap orders a drink so large that the waiter had to confirm it demanded more than two people to consume it. Arriving in a fish bowl vessel the green liquid smoking on dry ice was named a Warp Core Breach and rest assured it served as a magic elixir.

Star Trek Warp Core Breach
John D and John indulge in Warp Core Breach

The good times rolled into the Sci-Fi themed casino (remember this is Vegas) where amongst the other treasured memories of the days resides the 1 cent Star Wars Poker Machine complete with revolving bonus death star and video features.
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32 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]
1. October 10th 2007 @ 00:21. jon Says:
That looks awesome. Congrats again JohnDoe! I've been wanting to see these pics ever since you told be about the wedding! Also I think you do a great Captain Kirk, there is a certain gravitas about you in that shot
2. October 10th 2007 @ 00:58. Cibbuano Says:
man, that looks crazy. Congrats on doing something out of passion! That's living life!

3. October 10th 2007 @ 01:11. JohnDoe Says:
Thanks Jon,
It was even better than we imagined. Next time we all catch up for drinks I will bring you some more of my favourite shots.

This is Captain Kirk signing off.

4. October 10th 2007 @ 01:13. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Cib,

Passion is a great word for the experience, we certainly embraced the moment. Kooky fun that didn't surprise anyone that knew us.
5. October 10th 2007 @ 01:53. Nina Says:
Congratulations JohnDoe! What a wonderfully geeky and fantastic wedding - it doesn't get much better than that...
6. October 10th 2007 @ 02:05. charles Says:
JD is now officially known as CK...*haha*

Great pics and fantastic memories to last a life-time mate. Congrats once again
7. October 10th 2007 @ 02:07. Sports Insider Says:
"Live long and prosper"

8. October 10th 2007 @ 02:32. Mr Nice Guy Says:
That is outragous!

Don't need to set the phasers to stun - I'm stunned already.

Beam me there Scotty . . .

Nice Guy out.
9. October 10th 2007 @ 03:39. yoda76 Says:
Nice one JD,

I tries to convince my wife to have a Scorsese gangster-themed wedding, and then realised that between her family and mine - we didn't even need to try!

Complete with fat envelopes.. although not quite as fat as Henry Hill's...


Congrats once more - and if I knew Star Trek, I would probably say something Trekky here.
10. October 10th 2007 @ 04:29. JohnDoe Says:
Loving the responses gang,

-That covers it pretty well Nina, geeky and wonderful.

-Charles, flattery soon make you my best buddy, though my aspiratiosn to William Shatner still trouble me.

-We will Sports Insider, we will.

-Sounds like you would have fit right in MNG.

-Cool plan Yoda, I am blessed with a partner who is possibly even nerdier than me, Im a star wars boy who would have insisted we dress as Han and Chewie.

11. October 10th 2007 @ 06:05. Bryn Says:
[spoken in my own best Kirk voice]
Well I'm .... blown over ... and I .... would like to ... add an ... interstellar congratulations to you and your wife!

peace out,
beam me up Scotty.
12. October 10th 2007 @ 08:04. Michaelie Says:
Goodness gracious me. It seems you achieved your ultimate. So glad to hear it was all you could have wished!

Congrats and wishing you a lifetime of wedded bliss!

(Echo above trekky speak)

13. October 10th 2007 @ 12:15. Ash Says:
Those are the best wedding photo`s I have ever seen JD!

Talk about out of this world - you certainly took that to whole new levels!

Congrats to you both!
14. October 10th 2007 @ 13:00. Anonymous Says:
JD, that is so tops. Good job man!

- Luke
15. October 10th 2007 @ 17:23. Mountain Fog Says:

You look TERRIFIC!!! Totally a Captain of the Star Fleet Enterprise!

And thank God you chose to be Captain...and not a that would have made some ugly wedding photo!! And you are sooo handsome!! Your wife looks great too!

CONGRATS Captain JD!!!


16. October 10th 2007 @ 23:40. Lilla Says:
Capt'n JD and First Officer Gingersnap,

Wow : I'm blown away by it all, I had heard about these weddings but never seen on and that Warp Core Breach... any clues as to the taste and ingredients...I'd love to try one for my next get together... it looks like a communal Klingon 'Gtargh.' *chuckle*

Great pics, great wedding, CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

Lilla ...
17. October 11th 2007 @ 00:43. KylieW Says:

That is FANTASTIC - amazingly geeky.....but absolutely fantastic. Looks like an absolute blast, and will be an amazing memory for years to come.

Congratulations to you and Mrs Doe. That looked like the most fun wedding ever!

18. October 11th 2007 @ 02:47. Anonymous Says:
I am sooo jealous! Congratulations to you and the wife... Las Vegas is such magical place and then add on the Star Trek Experience! What a fun time!
19. October 11th 2007 @ 02:48. Miswanderlust Says:
Don't know why I was anonymous...oh well it is the thought that counts!
20. October 11th 2007 @ 21:48. Cibbuano Says:
did your wife ever consider dressing up as one of the many alien babes that Kirk seduced?

21. October 12th 2007 @ 01:08. Ginger Snap Says:
Re: Warp Core Breach
As if I couldn't have drunk it all myself ! If it it didn;t cost me $40 I woulld have ordered another - yummy
22. October 12th 2007 @ 21:45. Anonymous Says:
This is the best idea for a wedding I've ever seen; both bride and groom have a blast! Kudos to Gingersnap for the fantastic idea, and congratulations to you both!!

D. Armenta
23. October 13th 2007 @ 03:19. Stanley Says:
24. October 13th 2007 @ 13:58. Ahmed Says:
So this might sound a little crazy but are you Mark Beirne by any chance?

See that dude rights for yourmovies but I noticed he stopped for like a couple of weeks so I figure maybe it was you because you left for hollywood?
25. October 18th 2007 @ 01:45. DuskDevi Says:
Oh my goodness!! I thought I had commented on this post!

Congratulations from DuskDevi! (

Oh you look very debonair JD. Very very cool!
Best wishes to you both.

26. November 12th 2007 @ 08:19. Tracy Says:
Hi John

This is an extremely belated congratulations. When we were away, I had no luck with commenting on Orble, all I could do was read which was a bit frustrating.

Your wedding is completely unique, what a day it would've been.

Rich and I nearly renewed our vows in Vegas, but we ran out of time. What a place that is!

Really happy for you and thanks for sharing the day, love the pics.

27. April 1st 2008 @ 04:38. Morgan Bell Says:
wow you really did have a star trek wedding!
thats pretty cool, i love star trek . . . oh and i could really get into one of those big green drinks in the fishbowl glass too!
28. April 5th 2008 @ 05:07. JohnDoe Says:
Hi there all,

Sorry for being so slack in replying to all your flattering responses. I'm overwhelmed with everyone's support and sincere best wishes.

Thank you so much from Mr and Mrs Doe....I think I love you all

29. May 2nd 2008 @ 10:21. Cheryl J Says:
I bow down before you in my best Wayne's World 'We're not worthy'! You are the king and queen of geek chic and I mean that as a huge compliment.

I knew of course about Vegas Elvis but Vegas Star Trek? Cooler than cool. What an amazing wedding. Belated congrats
30. May 7th 2008 @ 09:13. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Cheryl J,

Happy to impress, thanks for the kind sentiments....
31. September 12th 2010 @ 09:48. ShaunK Says:
Mariachi is indeed Hunky Dory

MY GOD!! why have I never seen these before!!!

How awesome does this look! I never realized how full on this thing would have been!

Send me more photos to my email old boy!! Tops!
32. September 14th 2010 @ 16:43. JohnDoe Says:
Thanks Shaun,

Will try and get you some photos soon.

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