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Greetings Film Fiends and welcome to John Doe's Film Blog. 30 years of dedicated celluloid obsession has meant that I have seen a few films. Drawing attention to some of the lesser discussed gems that I love. Cult classics, obscure curios and quality genre pictures. This blogs purpose is to translate some of my passion for these films and with luck, inspire you the reader to go check em out.

Timothy Olyphant is Hitman-Agent 47

Timothy Olyphant is Hitman Agent 47

Wether he is seeping pent up rage through gritted teeth as Sherriff Bullock in Deadwood or quoting The Breakfast Club playing drug dealer Todd Gaines in Go Timothy Olyphant has undeniable presence.

Deadwood Timothy Olyphant
Timothy Olyphant as the reluctant lawman with violent tendancies.

Understated cool, there is an independence in his style that makes John Doe pay attention. Over at they have the first shots of the man as Agent 47 in the big screen adaptation of the video game Hitman.

PS2 Hitman
A shot from the kiddie unfriendly Playstation 2 game.

The film is the story of a deadly assassin that gets double crossed by his superiors and is relentlessly hunted throughout Europe, pursued by his ilk with orders to kill. Dougray Scott (Ripley's Game, Enigma) co stars as the operative who wants to keep him alive.

Timothy Olyphant Hitman
Timothy Olyphant as the Kojak lookin Hitman, a cold blooded expert.

Click below to see larger shot.

JD recently did a post on how cool some of the movie to video-game adaptations can be and how shamefully hollow video game to film recreations inevitably become. So it is doubtful this will be any different.

Written by Skip Woods (Swordfish), the guy who penned the under seen black comedy Thursday starring Aaron Eckhart, whispers from the underground indicate the screenplay has potential. So who knows, I hope Johnny’s wrong.

The angry man will next be seen as the villain in Die Hard 4:Live Free or Die Hard or 4.0 or 4.3 I don’t know.

Please visit for full story

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20 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]
1. May 17th 2007 @ 13:07. Jonathon Says:
hey jd,

i really liked timothy olyphant as the side kick in 'gone in 60 seconds'. he supported well, and had some really funny one liners.
2. May 17th 2007 @ 21:27. Nickoftime's Sanity Corner Says:

yeah I like hime in Deadwood...that's where I first saw him...then I saw him again in 60 seconds and liked him there as well..

He does have presense!

Great review...

Take care,

3. May 17th 2007 @ 23:46. jon Says:
He looks so different without the Deadwood gear on -- I would not have recognised him..
4. May 17th 2007 @ 23:49. JohnDoe Says:
Good that other have noticed Tims potential,

Hi Jonathon,
I totally forgot he was in the remake of Gone In 60 Seconds, hated the movie but he was cool in it.

Hi Nick,
Deadwood is his finest moment for sure. Have you seen him in GO? He dominates in the part.
5. May 17th 2007 @ 23:51. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Jon,
It is amazing the difference hair can make, Im sure it will help him with getting into character each morning.
6. May 18th 2007 @ 07:18. Ahmed Says:
oh man, Hitman is one of the most mature franchises in video games and Blood Money was by far the most mature game ever made. The story oozed character and drama, it was amazing.

Now so long as they keep this from turning into typical hollywood action fare and focus on making it more thrilling it should be really good.
7. May 18th 2007 @ 07:21. Ahmed Says:
bleh, in the game it was some old woman who wants to keep 47 alive, my guess is this movie is going to pick off where the game left off meaning it will also be screwing the franchise over.
8. May 18th 2007 @ 07:40. JohnDoe Says:
Hi Ahmed,

I never have high hopes for a video game to film adaptation. I played the first one on PC and loved it.

I dig Olyphant and think he will be good in the role, the rest???

Its directed by the guy who did The Transporter, which makes me doubt it will be come together well.

The movie Thursday, written by the same guy is pretty cool though
9. May 18th 2007 @ 07:54. Anonymous Says:
So we have a good writer teaming up with a director who does crappy action movies.

meh, theres still a chance (you never know).
10. May 18th 2007 @ 07:56. Ahmed Says:
bleh, the above was my comment.
11. May 19th 2007 @ 01:15. Bryn Says:
Haven't seen Deadwood so I can't comment, but I think he is a very cool actor.
Love his performance in Go.
12. May 25th 2007 @ 23:10. Anonymous Says:
It shouldve clearly been patrick stewart, only man that could pull it off.
13. May 26th 2007 @ 00:40. JohnDoe Says:
Im as big a trekkie as the next guy Anon, but I think Pat Stewart is a bit long in the tooth for the part, even if the hairdo is right.
14. June 17th 2007 @ 08:14. Anonymous Says:
Hitman has a long serious face... timothy has a rather round and smiling kinda face... I don't think hez the perfect character for Blood Money...
15. June 17th 2007 @ 08:15. Anonymous Says:
I meant Hitman (Above) not blood money..
16. June 17th 2007 @ 08:40. JohnDoe Says:
Hi anon,
Have you watched Deadwood, Olyphant's features become more gaut the grumpier he gets. Plus few internalize rage with such grace.
17. September 20th 2007 @ 17:27. Anonymous Says:
If you watch DEADWOOD and The Girl Next Door you'll realize how perfect he is for the part.
18. October 3rd 2007 @ 23:15. JohnDoe Says:
Do I have to watch the Girl Next Door? I saw the documentary that was enough....maybe another screening of Go instead.
19. October 26th 2007 @ 14:46. Willo Says:
I think Olyphant looked a bit gay in A Man Apart but his acting shone, but with the soft camp looking hairstyle gone and his new 'razor sharp' shaven headed look i think along with his great acting he is the perfect choice for the part. I think most people were as shocked as i was to find out who landed the the part after Vin was meant to be 'agent 47'!! Buy hey Olyphant with the new much better look is going to kick ass!! Probably better choice than Vin, in XXX Vin was so crap and hey i'm a big Vin fan!! So..


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